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5 Roofing Maintenance Tips For Hot Climates.

If you live in a region such as Arizona, your roof faces all the challenges of a hot climate, but there are also significant risks of rain and humidity. In order for your roof to protect you from the external elements, you need to consider essential maintenance steps for your climate. Not sure where to start? A professional roofing company can help with the following: 

Inspect the roof

The first thing you need to do when it comes to preparing your roof for the summer is to schedule a professional roof inspection. Roofing damage may not be apparent from inside your home, but a roofing company can help identify potential issues caused by: 

  • Sustained damages over the year, 
  • Old age, 
  • Broken tiles or missing tiles,
  • Damages caused and exacerbated by UV rays. 

The summer heat and UV rays can deteriorate your roofing materials, especially if underlayment layers are exposed. This could create cracks and affect the material structure overall. 

Consider waterproofing

Most people forget that in hot climates, rain can be sudden and heavy. Moisture-laden air travels into hot climates, leading to irregular and heavy precipitations in spring and summer. Combined with the summer heat, humidity levels could increase significantly in the under-roof area if you have untreated leaks. The water can cause serious damage to the roof deck and weaken the whole structure of the property if it infiltrates.

Update to a cooler material

Your roof is exposed to the summer heat. Most households assume that under-roof insulation can keep the heat at bay and help regulate the temperature in summer. However, you can also get in touch with a roofing company to protect your roof against extreme temperatures. Some roofing materials, especially for older roofs, may not be UV-resilient anymore. This can lead to potential cracks and deteriorations. Additionally, a roofing contractor would know the best material to keep your home cool in summer. Brighter color roofing materials could keep the roof 50° to 100°F cooler in summer! 

Clear gutter & drains

Your gutters tend to accumulate debris over the year. Dried leaves, bird nests, and even the dust carried by the wind can block your gutters and drains. When it happens, they can’t collect rainwater to evacuate it safely. Blocked gutters can lead to water damage, as it accumulates in place. When the water level becomes too high in the gutters and drains, it can leak back onto the roof and along the walls of your property. 

Inspect the ventilation

The dryer ventilation could get blocked by various debris and lint. Typically, this would affect the dryer function. However, it may not be something you’ll notice in the summer heat. However, when the ventilation path is blocked, your property is likely to consume more energy in an effort to compensate. What’s more alarming, blocked ventilation could become a fire hazard. In the dry heat, debris can easily catch fire, affecting not only your roof structure but also the integrity of your home. 

Is your roof ready for the summer challenges? At A 1 Roofing Arizona, we’re dedicated to helping our clients keep their roofs safe in a hot climate. Get in touch with a roofing company that’s got your best interests at heart now, (480) 349-9726.