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5 Ways a Roofing Contractor Can Save You Money.

Having your roof professionally inspected and maintained is a no-brainer: The process protects your property value. But, while it might be tempting to skip regular inspection or delay the repair works for budget reasons, you may want to think twice about that. Working with a professional roofing contractor can save you a ton of money in the long term! Here’s how we bring value everyday day to our clients: 

Avoid deterioration

How long does the average roof last? A lot of our clients are surprised to discover that they need to replace their entire roof or the majority of it. Roofing materials last typically between 10 and 20 years, depending on the type of installation and material you have. However, regular roof inspections will ensure that small issues can be spotted and resolved rapidly before they can affect your structure. As a result, roofing contractors help ensure long-lasting roofs. You don’t have to worry about early replacement or extensive deterioration. 

Prevent costly water damage

Water damage that’s related to roof issues is a lot more frequent than you might think. Water can infiltrate the underlayers of your roof through minor cracks, broken tiles, or even exposed areas where tiles moved or have gone missing. However, you may not notice the infiltration as the water can accumulate in the under-roof area, seeping into the insulation system before it reaches through the ceiling and wall. In other words, by the time you spot the water leak, it could already have caused severe damage to your property. A roofing contractor can tackle the issue before it affects your house. 

Save energy costs

A weak roof installation can drive your energy bills higher. The roof could cause air leaks, making it hard to regulate the temperature at home. So you’ve got your HVAC system at full blast because the summer heat comes through, for instance. Additionally, blocked dryer ventilation can also affect your energy consumption, as the dryer works harder. Similarly, minor water infiltration can keep the house cool, even when you’re trying to heat it in winter. A roofing contractor will help tackle these challenges effectively. 

Save on tool and material costs

You might think that it’s cheaper to do it yourself. But, in reality, amateur DIY enthusiasts will need to invest in specialist equipment and roofing material to fix or install their new roof. A roofing contractor will not only provide professional services, but they have also access to materials and equipment at a preferential cost. 

Reduce insurance cost

Your homeowner insurance policy is likely to mention damage cover. However, most insurers reject claims that relate to damage caused by non-professionals in specialist areas. If you have damaged your roof in an attempt to fix or improve it, you may not receive compensation from your insurer. 

Some insurers also consider roof conditions when it comes to claims regarding water damage or even burglary. The argument is that a roof in bad condition would have encouraged the problem. 

In other words, a maintenance roof can secure your insurance money! 

Are you ready to bring your roof to the next level? Our expert roofing contractor team is only a phone call away, (480) 349-9726. Get in touch to see how we can save you money!