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When Should I get my roof replaced?

Every roof is different from each other ,some roofs las much longer than others based on the type of roof and the environment. On a typical roof it is recommend that your get it replaced every 20 years. However the underlayment needs replacement every 10 years and sometimes even sooner if it has been exposed to the elements.

How can I tell if I need a new roof?

On shingles roof the granules degrade over time and that’s one way to know. The best way to know if you need a new roof is to contact A-One Roofing for a free inspection and report.

My Roof isn’t leaking do I need a new roof?

Your roof may be leaking you just may not know it yet. If any part of the underlayment had been left exposed it deteriorates faster and the leak could be in the attic and has not reached the main part of the home .You may not notice until the leak has gotten very bad and much more expensive to fix.

How fast can you come do an inspection?

We try our best to send a out a roofing inspector on the next business day but if the time doesn’t work for you or they are already booked for they day it is usually within the same week.

When will you start the repair or reroof?

Usually between one to two weeks depending on when we receive all the materials necessary to complete the job.

Do you offer any warranty?

We offer a 5 year limited warranty on all services we provide. If there are any leks in the home because of workmanship defect we will get it fixed free of charge .