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How an Old Roof Could Be Costing You More Per Month

One of the biggest reasons why most people don’t consider installing a new roof is the cost. There’s no question that getting a new roof put on your house is going to be an investment. But, it’s a worthwhile investment, because an old roof could be costing you more money each month than you realize. 

Actually, that money could literally be floating out through the top of your house!

What does that mean? 

To get the answer, let’s look at a fewways your old roof could be causing harm to your bank account. 

Your Utility Bills

Have you noticed a consistent rise in your utility bills over the years? Or, maybe you just recently moved into a home and the utility bills are much higher than you expected. 

Your problem could be that you’re losing heat through the roof. Even if you have a brand new HVAC system, an old roof makes it easy for air to escape. That will cause you to turn up your furnace and keep it running during the cooler months, and keep the air conditioning constantly running in the summer. 

As a result, your utility bills will continue to be high. A new roof without cracks, leaks, and with proper insulation, can help to eliminate this problem and save you a lot of money each month. 

Small Problems Leading to Big Expenses

If you’re not consistently checking your roof or getting it maintained every year, small monthly problems could end up being major disasters that cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. 

For example, if you start to notice leaks in your house, it might be easy to ignore them at first. But, as the rainy season rolls around, those leaks could become worse, and simply patching up the roof as needed won’t fix the problem. 

Unfortunately, if you ignore those problems for too long, the expenses will add up quickly. You will likely end up needing a new roof anyway. But, if there is extensive structural damage done in your attic or the top floor of your house, you’ll need to have that repaired, as well. Water damage could also be an expensive issue. 

Finally, an old roof could be causing problems with the air quality in your home. If you have an air purifier because someone in your household has respiratory issues, it might be working overtime. Again, that will contribute to your utility cost as your electric bill goes up. Things like mold, dirt, and other types of debris can form on an old roof and cause major issues with the quality of air in your home. On top of paying for purification, someone with respiratory issues may need to seek out additional treatment options to breathe easier. 

Don’t let an old roof drain your wallet. Feel free to contact us today for more information about what to expect from a new roof. We provide transparent answers and superior service you can trust, so you can start saving money by making one of the best investments for your home.