Insurance Claims

How to get Insurance to pay for your roof.

A roof is one the most important and most expensive aspects of a home and can become a financial burden to many of us if it is needed to be replaced.

Our Roofing Specialist are experts in Insurance claims and work hard to get your roof fully covered by insurance.

In Arizona it is very common for high winds and rain from monsoon storms to damage the roof of your home.

A broken/shifted tile or wind damaged shingles may not seem like a big issue in the moment but can cause a big problem down the road. Once the water proofing of a roof is comprised it is only a matter of time until the roof starts too leak.

The good thing about insurance is that you can file a claim up to 2 years after the storm that damaged the roof and that can significantly reduce your out of pocket cost to replace the roof.

Steps to take to get your roof covered by insurance

Many insurance companies try to give u the least amount for your roof that is possible. The wording on a proposal by a licensed roofer can significantly increase the amount you receive to replace your roof.

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Steps to take when filing insurance claim

Contact a Licensed Roofing Contractor

Once you believe you have Storm Damage it is important to contact a licensed roofing contractor to inspect the roof so they can mark and document all storm damage and to receive a proposal of what it will cost to replace the full roof or a section of a roof

Contact Insurance company

Contact your homeowners insurance and set up a meeting with the insurance company adjuster.
Although it is not necessary its always a good idea to let the roofer that gave you a proposal know when the adjuster inspection is so they could be there as well so they can point out anything the adjuster might miss or explain why something might need to be replaced

Once you receive insurance settlement

The Insurance settlement will rarely cover everything that is needed the Roofing Specialist at A1 Roofing can negotiate on your behalf to make sure they add things that were not taken into account.

Once the job is completed

Once the roof is finished there could still be supplements that were not originally included in the insurance settlement that were done to the roof that insurance would cover..

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Have storm damage or already filed an insurance claim? We can help!

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